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Holy Woman of excellence/saulsyabsvariety store

Thank You Jesus more people are able to Come see us. by appointment only because of New Beginning

Our Savior Jesus Christ will return soon we must be ready! Be Bless get ready! Always pray.

LOVE Sauls yabs variety who turn it over to Holy women of excellence who indeed turn it over to Our Father which is in heaven. 

Guest Book

Thank all the guest that came to the meeting on June 21,2012. The first day of summer. We had a opening ear to help someone in the meeting. Thank God for what he does for us.

 July meeting was alright we laugh and cried together God really blessed.

Looking for a high time in August meeting.

 August meeting we had a young child in a crisis with prayer things changed around.

September meeting God really blessed us to be a blessing. We talked about Gifts

in each one of us. stir it up.

 Oct meeting focus on giving. Why we give. how we give. when to give. where to give

more blessing to give.

Holy women of excellence is looking for ways we can help women and children call if you want to help.

Nov. meeting we talked about Marriage and divorce what does God say about this matter. We welcome a new member to our group.

I Yolanda Thank God.

Dec. We had felleowship at the Golden Corral with Breakfast we had a new member Pamuela Anderson to speak from Ephesians 4 answer the call be about our Father Business. Thank Everyone for coming God is good and we spoke of his goodness he done this year. Also we made a wish for a special Gift this Christmas.

Good bless us this year with fellowshipping with Golden Corral January and then December. All is well. Robyn Moore bless us with a anointed song people at the restaurant was truely bless also.

Thank all for being a part with us in 2012.

Melody smith for coming out to our meeting this year it was a great honor.

also charlene Jones, Kim, Barbra, John, David, Jahalla, and most of all paster Terry. The meetting was mainly about dealing with a crisis. We all joined in.

Thank God he is helping us get through one day at a time.

You are invited to our next meeting. (336)989-0027

Thank you

Holy women of excellence

Charlene Jones

Yolanda Bennett Sauls

 New Gatherings for the New Year we Excited for many more through Jesus

Brand NEW YEAR 20-

We had a great meeting on January 27th. We selected woman to be in position.

We wrote down plans that we want to accomplish this New Year.

Continue to pray for the Holy Women of excellence.

   Holy Women of excellence/ Saulsyabsvariety is really enjoying this New Year with Gods help. Well we brought the year in with praying and reading the word and been doing it every since thank the Lord.

We had several Homeless people come stay with us last year 2017. It was a hard job to accomplish to help them meet their goals. Thank God we done it. Looking for a high time this New Year as well.